050 Ben Russell Part 2


A very funny and insightful conversation in which comedian Ben Russell talks about gazing into the abyss, trying to become a good person, and his pathological fear of shitting himself on stage.

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049 Ben Russell Part 1


Comedian Ben Russell talks about how the worst experience of his life led him to seek redemption in Chicago. He also talks about finding his comedic voice, his need to "follow the fun, follow the fear", and travelling on a bus filled with Chinese people for 18 hours in order to meet the love of his life. A hilarious and philosophical conversation with one of the funniest guys I know.

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048 Nicole Henriksen


Nicole Henriksen might be the only person in the world who is both an alt-comedian and a stripper. She talks to Jeff about Makin' It Rain, her award-nominated theatre show about stripping. Nicole and Jeff also bond over the various races that they've been mistaken for, including Maori.

Makin' It Rain plays at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival until April 16. Book your tickets here!

Jeff's award-nominated show Rad Dad Redemption also plays at the Perth Comedy Festival April 22 to 24. Book your tickets here!


047 Best Albums of 2015 (so far)


Jeff is your foul-mouthed tour guide of 2015's musical landscape, highlighting the songs of the year, novelty albums, honourable mentions, and his top 20 albums. Jeff still hasn't forgiven Rolling Stone for nominating U2's Songs of Innocence as the best album of 2014. Can Jeff put together a better list than Rolling Stone? Tune in to find out!

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046 Corey White’s Top Ten Assassinations


In light of the recent political assassination of Tony Abbott, it was fun to revisit this 2012 conversation with Perth comedian Corey White (not to be confused with the other Australian comedian Corey White who recently appeared on Australian Story). Corey talks through his Top Ten Assassinations (it's eleven actually, but we inadvertently recorded in the spirit of Drunk History and lost track of the numbers), including Leon Trotsky, Julius Caesar, Salvador Allende, Yitzhak Rabin, and even President James Garfield. Corey and Jeff close the episode with some improvised musical tributes to Naomi Klein and Benazir Bhutto!


045 Sean Conway Part 2


In the second part of this epic conversation recorded in December 2014, comedian Sean Conway talks about the key to comedy and offstage altercations with punters, and wonders how many Once Were Zombies listeners are Liberal voters. Jeff's housemate also gatecrashes the podcast at the very end.

"'Ban the burqa' and shit, like fuck off you know? Ban your shitty attitude cunt." - Sean Conway


044 Sean Conway Part 1


In our most ambient episode to date, comedian Sean Conway and Jeff laugh their arses off on a front porch in Bayswater whilst birds sing and children play in the background. Seriously, it's beautiful. Recorded in December 2014 on the day before he moved to Sydney, Conway talks about the highs and lows of his stand-up career, which includes supporting Doug Stanhope, getting booed off the stage by 200 people, and having a South African woman in Dunsborough react to a dick joke by telling him to go kill himself.

Conway will be performing at the Sydney Fringe Festival on September 23, 25 and 27. Book your tickets here! Sean Conway: Alpha Dawg


043 Manfred Yon Part 2


Comedian Manfred Yon is the kind of guy who bags Seinfeld but defends Hudson Hawk. In the second instalment of his epic 2012 conversation with Jeff, Manfred talks about the five things he cares about the most in life, including romantic comedies and sex!


042 Sian Choyce


Comedian Sian Choyce talks to Jeff about supporting Doug Stanhope, her love/hate relationship with comedy, and how being a model compares to being a stand-up. Jeff also confesses to his past sins as an MC providing appalling intros for female acts.


041 Lukey Bolland


Comedian. Breakfast radio DJ. Perth wrestling co-founder. Father. Lukey Bolland discusses the many hats he wears in this fun episode, which was recorded directly after a show at the Herb Graham Recreation Centre in Mirrabooka. Jeff also apologizes for falling asleep during Lukey's 2015 Fringe World show.


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