040 The Young Goodbye


We recorded this episode directly after comedian and playwright Sarah Young's farewell show at Infinite Jest on 20 July 2015. Sarah and Jeff were joined by fellow comedians and troublemakers Levon Polinelli, Jez Watts, Ben Mulvey and Glenn Grimwood. We talked about Sarah leaving Perth for Sydney, a certain well-known comedian who failed to show up to her farewell show, her feud with another certain well-known comedian, Sarah and Jeff's great falling out of 2011, and friendship. Bon voyage, Sarah!


039 Dark Traffic Jam Of The Soul


Peak hour traffic plunges Jeff into an existential crisis, leading him to record the most honest podcast he has ever done. Topics include the pursuit of happiness, Don Draper, becoming a father, and porn.


038 Manfred Yon Part 1


Cult Perth comedian Manfred Yon talks to Jeff about whimsy, pedophiles, his favourite sitcoms of all time, and why Seinfeld is overrated.


037 Mad Men Finale


Did you know that the Mad Men theme music was originally an obscure rap song from 2006? Jeff returns from paternity leave to review the finale of Mad Men, and also plugs the fully sick politics and culture website, ImportantCool.


036 Mark Trenwith


Mark Trenwith is a versatile stand-up comedian who entertains both children and adults. Mark and Jeff talk about working together on the acclaimed children's show Mr. Snotbottom, making kids cry, and having a miserable time in high school.

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Mr. Snotbottom's Stinky Silly Show

Mark Trenwith: Disney Guy

Jeff Hewitt: V For Vagina


035 Sarah Furtner


Comedian Sarah Furtner talks about her upcoming Fringe World show, Most Likely To Succeed, parenthood, getting roasted in front of her dad, and women in comedy. She also gives Jeff advice about his upcoming Fringe World show about women, V For Vagina.

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Sarah Furtner: Most Likely To Succeed

Jeff Hewitt: V For Vagina


034 Sarah Young, Levon Polinelli


Comedian/playwright Sarah Young (Giving Up The Ghosts) and director/playwright Levon Polinelli (Werewolf Priest) talk about winning at the Blue Room Awards, their upcoming Fringe World shows, humour as a coping mechanism, and Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus paradigm shifts. In response to the freedom of speech debate sparked by the Charlie Hebdo shootings, we also test the limits of free speech and decency by trying to say the most offensive things imaginable. Things get a little bit NSFW. Perth comedians Sian Choyce and Sami Shah also make a cameo appearance at the end of the episode.

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Jeff Hewitt: V For Vagina


033 Josh Makinda Part 2


In Part 2, Josh Makinda talks about the five things he cares about the most in life, his founding of legendary Perth comedy club Shapiro Tuesdays (with co-founder Jack Tandy), trying to become free on stage, nerdy comedy stuff, and annoying posts on Facebook.

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032 Infinite Jest (the book)


This is how the year ends - not with a bang or a whimper, but an incredibly nerdy novel. Jeff talks about the book that blew his mind the most in 2014: David Foster Wallace's masterpiece, Infinite Jest. Along the way he swears and also refers to his Twitter feed, Austen Tayshus, The Wire, Hamlet, and Cheers.

Follow Jeff on Twitter: @JeffHewitt666


031 Josh Makinda Part 1


Josh Makinda is a very funny Perth comedian now living in New York. Recorded some time after Rottofest in 2012 (at which Josh supported Anthony Jeselnik), this conversation features my Top Five Josh Makinda Memories, and Josh Makinda's Top Ten Best Things In The World, such as gummi snakes and minimalism. More laughs to follow in Part 2.


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