030 Travis Nash


Travis Nash, Melbourne comic and creator of the fully sick computer game Comedy Quest, is a very anxious guy, which is concerning given the number of stressful situations he keeps finding himself in. Travis tells one of the best stories Jeff has ever heard, regarding a terrifying night spent in the home of a Tasmanian prison guard and a Satanic version of "Rock Lobster." Dan Brader also hangs out in the background and makes the occasional comment, but mostly just laughs.


029 Tim Beckett


Tim Beckett is one of the funniest guys around, and his humour is about as dry and politically incorrect as it gets. Tim and Jeff reminisce about working together on the notorious Perth production Men In Chairs, and extol the forgotten masterpiece that is Soul Decision's "Faded." Tim also explains why sometimes liking boy bands can be an act of rebellion, and why he can't listen to Bon Jovi's ballad "Always" without plunging into an abyss of self-loathing.


028 Infinite Jest


Infinite Jest is one of Perth's hippest comedy rooms. I sat down with the four young comedians who make it happen - Jeremiah Watts, Ben Mulvey, Sam Cribb, and Glenn Grimwood - and we were also joined (some say ambushed) by Sean Conway, Sarah Young, Colin Ebsworth, and Alex Storey. We discussed Perth comedy, engaged in brutal self-analysis about our respective shortcomings, and also watched Sam Cribb re-enact his falling out on Facebook with a certain comedian. Infinite Jest happens every Sunday at the Flying Scotsman, 7:30pm.


027 Sami Shah Returns


Comedian Sami Shah returns to discuss his new book, I, Migrant (published by Allen & Unwin in July 2014), as well as the worst gig of his life, whether Jeff would get any action (lady action) in Pakistan, his favourite books, and useless left-wing activists.


026 Sarah Young


Jeff talks to comedian, playwright, and former enemy Sarah Young about her new play, Giving Up The Ghosts, playing at the Blue Room Theatre until July 12. Things take a morbid and hilarious turn as the Wednesday Addams of Perth comedy discusses Men In Chairs, rape jokes, serial killers, and how watching some gruesome war footage changed her life.


025 Advent Sorrow


Perth symphonic black metal band Advent Sorrow may have an evil image, but vocalist Rhys King and drummer Martin Donnelly are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Jeff nerds out with them over the Perth metal scene, classical music, Motley Crue, female metalheads, Cannibal Corpse vs Slayer moshpits, and the awfulness of pop metal. Hail Satan!


024 James De Leo


After a five month hiatus, Jeff returns with his good friend James De Leo, the hilarious comedian and filmmaker. James discusses how lessons from military history helped him overcome his low self-esteem with women, and also shares what could possibly be the worst inspirational playlist in the world (spoiler: it includes "Call Me Maybe"). The boys also discuss something Jeff is very familiar with: doing offensive material on stage.


023 Brianna Williams


In this final episode for 2013, Jeff experiments with a few different intros (all of them horrible), before talking to Perth improviser and actor Brianna Williams. This conversation features the Brianna-isms "Everything comes down to science or magic" and "Bananagrams waits for no man".


022 Tough Crowd, Perth Style


Tien Tran, Levon Polinelli, and Shikhar Thakur sat down with Jeff at the end of December 2012 to talk about Perth comedy, hang shit on everything, and share some words of wisdom. Features music by Tien's favourite artist, Drake.


021 David Liebe Hart


Salamé, bitches! Cult comedy icon David Liebe Hart (Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, Check It Out! with Dr Steve Brule) complains to Jeff about how everything in Australia is too expensive, but praises Australia's beautiful women. David also discusses model trains, aliens, and having Jim Henson as a Sunday school teacher.


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